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Month: June 2017

Universal weld Gauge:: Gauge Supplier in India

Universal weld GaugeThese universal weld gauges are chiefly applied for the accurate measurement, dis-orientation, deepness of undercut & pits. It is also very useful for checking the surplus weld metal of capping size and the examination of pipeline specification. This device delivers a rapid, lucrative solution and hence is very simple and effective.


Universal weld Gauge supplier allows to precisely checking weld of different sizes quickly and effectively. Gauge weld throat thickness, butt filet sort welds, weld length and a great deal additionally relying on the gauge selected. It is Measuring Gauges are strong, well-made, and come in various sorts to impeccably fit client’s requirements. Universal weld Gage manufacturer of stainless steel, this gauge is a specification and description from the WG-401. The difference is the locking screw. There are clamping springs inside. It is anything but difficult to stop at any position, without wringing the screw.



  • Precise dimensions
  • Longer service life
  • Rust resistant

Metric Module Pitch Gauge : Gauge Supplier

Metric Module Pitch Gauges are magnificent for 0.5mm thickness estimation. This is exceptionally appropriate for various sorts of rigging producers for examination application. The cutting-edge innovation instruments we supply are charmingly fabricated under the direction of the experts of the main organizations of India according to the modern benchmarks and global quality standards.

Metric Module Pitch Gauges Suppliers are inflexible about the features of the items they fabricate and look at their quality and preceding offering them to merchants in the market. We generally twofold check their usefulness while acquiring from these companies.

Coating Thickness Gauge: Gauge Supplier

Coating Thickness GaugeCoating Thickness Gauges are utilized as a part of the estimation of thickness of dry film. It conveys critical information associated with the film traverse of the substrate, its fittingness for the application proposed and so forth.

We are the most solid Coating Thickness Gauges supplier of India and supply these items just manufactured and decisively aligned by the most confided in organizations of the world. These definitely conform to the universal benchmarks of value. These are quality checked and confirmed by this company also.


We offer the original instruments of the foremost organizations around the world, which convey instruments of inimitable quality notwithstanding preeminent execution. These offer negligible mistakes and most extreme accuracy in their result.