Measuring Testing Instruments

When your Requirement for Measuring Testing Instruments, come to right place we are supplier of it.

Gauge Supplier: Universal Surface Gauge Supplier

Gauge Supplier: Universal Surface Gauge Supplier
Universal Surface Gauge Supplier

The basic advantage of the Universal surface gauge supplier is we can without much of a stretch discover the focal point of any object area. Moreover, it is utilized to copyist relating line utilizing scriber on any object segment and to ensure the parallelism.

The base is produced using hardened steel, ground on base and toward one side. The Fine Adjustment include makes it conceivable to acquire quick and precise setting.




✓ Used for Marketing and exchanging estimation.
✓ Dial Indicator Can Also be utilized.
✓ Two gauge pins facilitate easy straight marketing.
✓ Grooves on the side of the base without a doubt and simple hold
✓ Ground base for accurate reference surface.

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